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We are a family orientated company with a shared passion in good, clean, sustainable living, which is attainable for the future.

Tasmanian Mini Houses and Trailers was founded in mid 2019, and is located in Cambridge at the Southern end of Tasmania.

Our values are imprinted on our designs, building our mini’s with the best materials, appliances and technologies available. We build our mini’s in line with Australian standards and our mini’s are built to last. Meeting these standards ensures that our mini’s are fully registered and transportable.

In a time of excessively high housing prices, we aim to provide another option to those who would like to enter the housing market, but are finding it difficult to attain that dream. With that in mind our mini’s are designed to be highly functional, comfortable, attractive and efficient.

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Mini Homes residents continue to rise in popularity by giving their residents the freedom to live a flexible life without the restrictions of a fixed dwelling.


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20 Maxwells Rd Cambridge, Hobart, Tasmania
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0419 835 011
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